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The Alliance of Papua Students [AMP] Support Letters

The Alliance of Papua Students [AMP] Support Letters

26th April 2013


Mr. Benny Wenda

On this occasion, The Alliance of Papua Students (AMP) would like to say congratulation for Opening of New Free West Papua Campaign Office in Oxford-London on 28th April 2013. Hopefully, with this Office will give us spirit to works hard for West Papua Independence.

We also like to thanks to Lord Mayor of Oxford and Mr. Andrew Smith PM who has inaugurated the Office and support the Free West Papua Campaign for the West Papua People Right to Self Determination.

We hope with this office, will became a central coordinate for Free West Papua struggle in International, Indonesia and Papua. So,  that the ideals of West Papua Independence struggle can be realized with  a good coordination.
Finally, on behalf of West Papua Peoples, I would like to thanks to Mr. Benny Wenda that make a progress for our struggle.

Thus this support letters we've made,


Rinto Kogoya
Chairman of The Alliance of Papua Students [AMP]

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